About us

Alvida Colombia was born in Chitaraque, Boyacá with a strong initiative to promote the rich soil of Colombian lands, creating a product that from its origins has aimed to improve and modernize the artisanal practices of the local farmers through their experience, combined with cutting-edge technology to offer the national and international market a product of the highest quality.

Ensures the welfare of their lands, their processes, the environment and the sustainability of workers

After 10+ years in the market, Alvida has remained a company that ensures the welfare of its lands, its processes, the workers who are part of them, and the quality of the products with which they share with their consumers.

Alvida Pasion

We are a company that works with love and passion for our Colombian flavors. We always put the heart in our processes looking to deliver the best product to our customers

Where we Go!

Satisfy our customers with excellence through drinks that generate well-being and consolidate within the national and international market, as a leading health food company based on sustainable and enduring profitability.

How do we differentiate?

With innovating technology, a distilled and purified process was developed, bypassing the presence of impurities in the sugar. Furthermore collaborating with an innovative laboratory specialized in developing and advancing products specialized in adapting to our consumers needs.
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